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Monday, March 3, 2008

Pineapples - Azores - Açores

Sao Miguel is also an important producer of pineapples. I suppose because we live in a mainly tropical country (Mexico) that happily produces pineapples ... But how could anyone consider the Azores tropical, being located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? We learned the answer when we visited a pineapple 'plantation' and discovered it was inside a greenhouse! In fact, they have a different house for each stage of the plant's life, and it takes two years for a pineapple to be ready to eat! We then understood why a slice of that fruit, for dessert, might cost as much as three Euros!

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Azores Nation said...

They are absolutely the most delicious pineapple too! Here is a website that has lots of pictures and videos of the greenhouses that grow the Azorean Pineapple referred to as the King of Fruits. Azores Pineapples | Ananás dos Açores

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