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Monday, January 14, 2008

At Night - Bars and Pubs - Faial - Azores

Horta is by nature a relatively calm place, and that is reflected on its nightlife, which doesn’t mean that there isn’t a fair number of excelent places where you can relax and enjoy the best part of the day. Following is a list of existing pubs, discos and cafés.

Peter Café Sport
One of the most famous pubs in the World, where yatch crews and tourists from every nationality go for a pleasant night out in its distinctive environment. In addition to having the best gin tonic around, it also serves light snacks, but usually everyone has a bag of peanuts. Service is quite good although prices are high, but as you will soon realise, it’s always full. It’s located at Rua Tenente Valadim, next to the Pico ferry boats.

Clube Naval da Horta
It’s the pub of the Aquatic Club, it serves light snacks and has a good environment, quite full with all kinds of people every weekend and during the whole Summer season. Reasonable prices although service is a bit slow. There is an outdoors area with excellent view over the harbour, as well as pool tables. From time to time there is live music or karaoke sessions. It’s in Rua Vasco da Gama, next to the Stª Cruz Fort.

Bar da Marina
Also serves light snacks, prices are relatively high because it’s part of the Peter Café society. It´s customers are mostly tourists during the week mainly due to it’s location, which, as the name indicates, in the the corner of the Marina. Service could be better, especially in the outdoors section.

Discoteca Rocks
Recently renovated disco, located in Lajinha, just outside Horta, in the parish of Feteira. The facilities are quite good and there is also a pub which serves light snacks. In addition to its wide range of music styles, it sometimes also introduces new bands on stage or invites artists from the continent. The service is quite good although prices are high, and it’s open every Friday, Saturday, and the eve of public holidays. The inconvenience is it’s location out of town, although there is sometimes a dedicated bus service, and the minimum spending is 3.5 euros for men and 1.75 for women, subject to change.

Pub Horta Latina
Located next to the Capote restaurant, pub is open every Fridays with live music, and the environment is also quite good. It’s a small space, but always full. Prices are reasonable and being on the seaside avenue in Horta is a definite advantage.

Retiro dos Frades
Pub with music, prices are relatively high, and its customers are usually teachers and youger people. Located in Praia do Almoxarife.

There are also cafés throughout town which complement the above places. These include Bombordo, Internacional, Volga, Pastelaria Ideal, Jack Pote, and the Sta Cruz Inn.

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