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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Formigas Bank - Site Description

The reefs forming the Formigas Bank are located in an area subject to strong currents and frequent large swells.
The Formigas Islets break the surface forming a linear group of rocky outcrops with a lighthouse on the largest landmass. The Dollabarat Reef is completely submerged but the shallowest area is only around 3 m deep so oceanic waves frequently break on its top.
In calm seas, it is possible to go ashore on the Formigas Islets just below the lighthouse.
Around the Islets the seabed drops steeply to a depth of 50-70 m on both sides and more gently at the northern and southern ends. The gradient is less marked around the Dollabarat Reef, which is also larger and more heterogeneous but nevertheless shows a steep profile.

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