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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A trail with a waterfall - Faial da Terra – Salto do Prego - Sanguinho

Today i will describe a beautiful trail that I met recently in Faial da Terra.

Faial da Terra is a parish in the district of Povoação on São Miguel Island in the Azores. The population in 2001 is 377, its density is 29.7/km² and the area is 12.69 km². It is located in the southeastern part of the island. The main industry are agriculture.
It is connected with a road linking Ponta Delgada and Povoação. The road to Ribeira Grande is about 1 km E. The Atlantic Ocean is to the south. The mountains are to the north. Faial da Terra are the smallest in density and one of the lowest parishes in Povoação.

This trail starts and ends at "Faial da Terra" locality and has the total duration of one hour and a half. Firstly, it follows close to the stream margin, which maintains water all year long and from where the trail only moves away by a strong inclination track, to the point of the first bifurcation.

At this time, one should proceed to "Salto do Prego", a beautiful waterfall where pittosporum and acacia predominate.

Baths at the waterfall are not wise due to the possibility of trees falling down.
Turn back by the same way until arriving to the same bifurcation, where now one should turn right to "Sanguinho" small village.

This place, that has about twenty houses in recovery process, it's so called for, as far as known, the strong presence of an endemic plant to Madeira and Azores of that name: "sanguinho".

After "Sanguinho" village, the trail progresses by a descent until arriving again to "Faial da Terra" locality.

It is asked to the trailers not to catch fruit at any part of the trail.

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