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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Seven Lakes of Flores - The Charm of The Landscape - Flores Island

The island of Flores is Nature in all its exuberance. Deep valleys cut by streams. Peaks and hills marking the horizon, breaking up the landscape. Rolling countryside that descends to the coast and ends in vertical cliffs. Cove, mild sharp, rocky capes. Everywhere is greenery plants and flowers, and edging the fields, in strips that stretch for miles and miles up and down mountains and valleys, the sky blue hydrangeas.

The seven lakes of Flores are lovely expanses of water set in volcanic hollows surrounded by flowers. Lake Funda or Verde, which has small stretches of sand and is bordered by vegetation and hydrangeas, is doubtless the prettiest. The other six - Branca, Seca, Comprida, Rasa, Lomba and Funda das Lajes - also have a serene and attractive beauty that makes them worth a visit for moments of calm and relaxation.

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