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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Streams and Fishing - Flores Island - Sporting Holidays

Flores is a paradise for fishermen. The craggy seashore gives them an endless number of fishing grounds where they can catch large fish such as bluefish bream, amberjack, conger eels, stone bass, grouper, mackerel, snapper, etc. But if the sports fishermen find abundant catches in Flores, underwater sportsmen have, in the depths, fringed by multi-coloured rocks, an abundance of animal and vegetable life and in the island's caves, attractions for many days spent appreciating the beauty beneath the sea.

For the same reasons the underwater diving-dress practice increased a lot those past years, not only due to those wonderful sea conditions, but also due to the rising of specialised and well-equipped clubs on that particularly practice - Clube Naval das Lages das Flores - Phone: +351-(0)92-53145 and fax: +351-(0)92-53605.

The swiftly flowing streams, whose sparkling waters enhance the landscape of Flores, are also a paradise for fishermen, who can catch delicious trout in them.
Main fishing areas are in the streams of Moinhos, Além Fazenda, Fazenda, Silva, Urzela, Grande and Lake Lomba.

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