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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gastronomy - Flores Island - Traditional Food Specialities - Azores

Besides the meat and fish recipes that can be said to be "Azorean", since they can be found all over the archipelago, Flores also offers such local specialities as watercress soup, boiled pork with vegetables, tripe, yams with tasty sausages, beans with pigs head and pasteis de ervas marinhas.

Boiled pork with vegetables, *Lotta Gallery

The tasty cheese produced on the island, the soft creamy butter, and the delicious honey which has the scent of flowers always present on Flores throughout the year, complement the meals. Not forgetting of course the crabs, goose barnacles and limpets found on the rocks washed by the sea.


Jason said...

My family is from Terceira (Agualva & Ribeira Seca). Immigrated to Northern California. They did pretty well for themselves. Now I'm trying to find my way (i'm 22). A part of me wants to move there! So it's nice to find a blog like this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting article. My Grand-parents prepared very similar dishes with a California twist.

Joshua de Rozari said...

Everyone on the island of Flores, live and eat from nature, they rely on plants that they planted in their gardens as rice, corn and potatoes, also fish, shrimp, crabs, eels, shellfish from the rivers and the sea. There is no industry on the island, so there was no cheese. They always buy cheese at store that sells specially imported cheeses.

We also found another web page which wrote about the traditional food on the island of Flores. You can see the web pages at:

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Sean Parker said...

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Jason Martin said...

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