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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Cuada Village - The Cottage

During the mid sixties most of the residents of the Aldeia da Cuada followed other azorians and emigrated to the New World. The Village, where, even today, motorized vehicles never arrived, was almost deserted and its houses abandoned.

The touristic village of the Cuada brings together the old and the modern, having salvaged the original houses and adapted them to today's comfort.

Equipped with kitchen and bathroom, as well as spacious bedrooms, the 14 cottages make up the touristic village of the Cuada; respecting all of the safety laws of modern accomodation, without losing any of the rural designs of its stone construction.

Only 2 kilometres away you will find the seaside town of Faja Grande, one of the most sought after summer spots on the Island of Flores. Here a deep blue sea invites you to an invigorating swim or simply enjoy the fine cuisine at the local restaurant.

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