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Friday, May 30, 2008

Casa da Madrinha - Godmothers House - Rural Tourism

The Godmother's house is a "treat" right at the Vila do Nordeste. Two cosy houses to choose from right at the entrance of one the most beautifull villages in the Azores and a third house in the centre of the vila give a warm welcome to thoso who decide to stay around for a few days. It is the ideal place for those who want far and close to everything.

Northeast offers to its visitants landscapes, crystal clear waters and an absolute sense of peace to who ever intends to rest. Everybody who visit this village is suprised and amazed with its exuberant beauty promissing to come back.

Godmothers House enterprise, is located in the extreme north of the island of S. Miguel, in the vilige of Nordeste, one of the most flowery places of Portugal. This village, iss bessed with pretty sight spots and leisure zones in touch with nature, where people are used to enjoy meals in the fresh air, mainly barbecues. It is in this part of the island, that it is possible to enjoy the beauty of sunrise.

Situated in the heart of the village of Nordeste, our houses are 2 minutes walk from every main building: health center, restaurants, mini-markets, shops, church, City Hall, post office and pharmacy. Five minutes by car to get to the natural swimming pool of the "Boca da Ribeira" and ten minutos by car to the beach of "Lombo Gordo" as well to the viewspots of "Ponta do Sossego" and "Ponta da Madrugada".


Jordão said...

Não se deve traduzir nomes (Casa da Madrinha) mas resto muito bem!
Continuação de bom trabalho!

O Candilhes tomou a liberdade de adicionar o the azores islands à sua lista de Doces Regionais , espero que não fique/em muito chateados! (se houver algum problema é só dizer que retiramos)

Sean Parker said...

Love the texture of walls.
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Jason Martin said...

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