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Monday, January 14, 2008

Almoxarife Beach - Faial - Azores

The whole parish is named after this beach that lies between the Espalamaca headland and the village's quay. The stretches for a large area, allowing crowds to be easily avoided. From time to time the tides bring along with them big round stones that completely fill the sand shore, but this doesn’t prevent a very pleasant sunbathing session, with the omnipresent island of Pico just across the channel. There are several good restaurants nearby and if yours is a camping trip, remember that the camp is just across the long seaside street.

If however snorkeling is one of your favourite sports, cross the quay and you will find a tiny hidden beach called the Englishmen Beach. To reach it you should head trough the street on the right of the square and then turn right again into a narrow alley that will take you to the beach. Don't let yourself be carried away by sea-currents and the best time of the day to go there is in the morning when the water temperature is warmer. With luck, you will have the whole cozy beach all for yourself….

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