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Monday, January 14, 2008

Porto Pim Beach - Faial - Azores

This is in my point of view the most graceful of all the beaches in Faial and it is surely where the sea is the most peaceful. On the other hand, this beach is an exception as far as its appearance is concerned - its sand is much brighter and fine, the sea bottom is also sandy and not rocky like the others and its transparent waters reflect the bright blue sky forming an amazing scenery. Although its excellent location - right beside the city of Horta - do not make it the ideal place for those who search true quietude, as this is the one most people go to. Near the entrance on the side of Guia Hill are a large car-parking area, the washrooms and a Walls ice-cream stall that usually opens in the summer season and, not far from the entrance of the opposite side there is a mini-market. On the water, occasionally, special care should be taken to avoid being stung by jellyfish. One of the best alternatives to reach the beach is by boat, turning around the Guia Hill and laying anchor at bay. Don't miss this great beach!

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