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Monday, January 14, 2008

Natural swimming pools of Varadouro and Capelo - Faial - Azores

Places of extraordinary beauty in Faial are the natural sea water pools all around the island that were formed between the rocks, when the molten lava flowed down the coast. One of them is located in Varaduro, in the parish of Capelo, enjoying a breathtaking view of the Castelo Branco coast. It was recently improved, having now a smaller pool for children and indoor showers and washrooms at the entrance, being also very close to two restaurants. Another excellent natural pool in Capelo is near the volcano site, in the quay of the parish. It is usually very quiet and the waters are crystal clear. Another advantage is that the sun sets on that side and so that site remains illuminated until very late in the afternoon, but the inconvenience is that there are no houses or bars nearby, so you'll have to bring your own supplies. If you also remember to bring along a fishing rod and the appropriate bait, you won't return empty-handed.

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