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Friday, January 4, 2008

Holy Ghost Festivals - Pico Island - Azores

A tradition brought by the first settlers and deeply rooted in the population since the aid of the Holy Ghost used to be requested to hold back the streams of lava that devastated houses and crops, these festivals have retained the charm of former times in Pico. The curious ceremony of the "emperors" carrying the crown and sceptre in procession, and the "function" that marks the feast day itself, are repeated in every parish on the island from Whitsun. The processions, with such delicacies as rosquilhas, bolos de véspera and pão doce which at the end of the festivities are distributed among all those present and passers-by, maintain all the colour of limes gone by.
The "empires", which are simple constructions having the white dove of the Holy Ghost at the top of the roof, are present all over the island and are an interesting example of folk architecture.

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