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Monday, January 14, 2008

Faial History - Eruption of the Capelinhos in 1957 After the War

Once more modern technology determined the end of the need to stopover at Horta, but its people did resign easily. The population became poorer and became totally dependent on whale hunting and agriculture. On September 27, 1957 erupted the Capelinhos Volcano and lasted for over a year, destroying the surrounding agricultural fields due to the dense sand and ash covering and provoking serious damages. Then came as help measure from the Massachusetts Senator a permit allowing the immigration of 4500 people to that US state from the parishes of Capelo, Praia do Norte and Cedros. In the seventies the opening of the airport woke the tourism industry and the archipelago's autonomy favoured and stimulated the population. Joining the European Community brought development with it and the average lifestyle has greatly improved since then.

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