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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Caldeira das Sete Cidades - Sao Miguel - The Charm of the Landscape

Large crater with a perimeter of 12 km. The unforgettable scene of Lagoa Verde (literally, Green Lake) and Lagoa Azul (Blue Lake) framed by steep slopes covered with trees and flowers. The banks and small peninsula of Lagoa Azul are an invitation to restful walks and picnics, to the enjoyment of peace and quiet. Legend attributes the different colour of the waters to line tears shed by a princess and a shepherd who wept when their love was thwarted and thus created the two lakes at the bottom of the crater. Inside the crater lies the picturesque village of Sete Cidades, with curious houses in a popular architectural style and a 19th c. neo-Gothic parish church, as well as green pastures and the modest but attractive lake called Santiago. Next to Lagoa Azul there is a picturesque garden with magnificent trees and masses of azaleas.

Belvederes of Vista do Rei (connected with King Carlos's visit in 1901) and Cerrado das Freiras. Interesting views from the road that has been built along part of the rim of the crater, with luxurious rows of hydrangeas. Successive lovely views along the road that connects the above mentioned Parish Church to the village of Várzea by crossing the mountains.

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