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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pico do Carvao - Lagoa do Fogo -Tronqueira - Sao Miguel - The Charm of the Landscape

Pico do Carvão
A peak that provides broad views of the sea and the centre of the island, dominating the northern and southern coasts. Nearby lay Lakes Carvão, Canário and Rasa, besides other, smaller ones, surrounded by the cool green of the trees and pastures.

Lagoa do Fogo
The crater of an extinct volcano. An enormous lake with transparent waters Peninsula with beach. Atmosphere of great calm and beauty. Splendid vistas of the sea and mountains. Nearby lies Lakes Congro and Nenúfares, of small size but great beauty.

Grandiose scenery made up of ridges and passes, with magnificent vistas of greenery and the sea. Forestry park, The culminating point is Pico de Vara that, with an altitude of 1,080 metres, is the highest in the island. Excellent view of the eastern part of the island.

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