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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Music and Dancing - Sao Miguel

The nostalgia produced by the sea and isolation seems to exert a soothing influence on the tunes of the Azores. The dances take the form of bodies whirling about in time and beautiful gestures marked by the weight of tradition, with the colorful clothes of the women contrasting with the sober colours of the men.

To listen to and watch the Azoreans dance the sapateia, manjerico, pezinho, pezinho-da-vila, balho furado and cana-verde are to lift the veil a little on the soul of the islanders, marked for centuries by their isolation in the middle of the Atlantic. About thirty bands, spread all over the island, demonstrate the love the inhabitants of São Miguel have for music. They are always present at all the festivals and processions, and they usually perform from the graceful bandstands that exist in the gardens and public squares.

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