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Saturday, December 22, 2007

St. Peter's Cavalcades - Ribeira Seca - Sao Miguel

The religious spirit of the Azorean is made keen by natural catastrophes and the isolation to which they were subjected for centuries, during which visits by ships were few and far between and inter-island relations were very weak, is expressed in forms that testify to the past and to a way of life that still persists.

A "king" or headman, knights, lance's, stewards and trumpeters dressed in white, with red capes and sashes, mounted on splendid horses, ride through the streets in the morning of St. Peter's day (29th June), repeating ceremonies whose origin is lost in time and which recall the tournaments of knighthood. A colourful spectacle which heads toward the centre of the town of Ribeira Seca and has its culminating point at the church of São Pedro when the "king" greets the saint in verse and makes his horse place its front hoofs on the door of the church.

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