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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Terceira Island - Vila Nova, Santa Barbara e Sao Mateus da Calheta - Art and History

São Mateus da Calheta
Picturesque fishing village. Forts Grande and Negrito, remains of the former fortifications erected all over the island to defend it from a Spanish invasion (16th c.). Two picturesque impérios or chapels of the Holy Ghost (19th c.). A whale hunting station, described by Prince Albert of Monaco in the 19th c., used to exist at Negrito.
You can visit the Parish church and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Luz.

Santa Bárbara
Parish church. 15th c. edifice, with later alterations. Gilded, sculptured woodwork. Image of St. Barbara, in stone from ARQA. Close to the church lies an império of the Holy Ghost (19th c.).

Vila Nova
Characteristic village. On nearby Agualva stream, a number of old water-mills set in a verdant landscape. Interesting império of the Holy Ghost (l9th c.).
You can visit the Church of the Divino Espirito Santo.

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