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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sporting Holidays - Graciosa Island - Azores

Two small beaches of soft sand at Praia and a natural pool at Carapacho, formed by volcanic rocks, satisfy the needs of lovers of swimming, sunshine and the sea. Praia and Santa Cruz da Graciosa offer good natural conditions for the practice of sailing, windsurfing and water skiing.

It is nevertheless the marine depths along the coast of Graciosa that provide the major attraction for those who like to spend their holidays practising sports. Because the transparent waters hide grottoes and rocks with strange shapes and varied colours, covered with seaweed and molluscs, And the wealth of fish, of all sizes and colours, thrills divers and makes them feel they have plunged into a world made up of shining shoals. The whole coast of Graciosa provides excellent conditions for diving. Fishing from rocks or boats allows interesting catches of barracuda, oceanic bonito, scorpion-fish, conger eel. bream, amberjack, comber, fork beard, moray eel, grouper, wrasse, pork-fish, perch, octopus and lobster. Hunters can set their sights on rabbits, quail and pigeons.

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