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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Discovering Nature - Sporting Holidays - Sao Miguel

A golf course on the gentle hills of Furnas, bordered by hydrangeas. Tennis courts. The practice of sailing, rowing and windsurfing in the Ponta Delgada area, off the beaches and also on the lakes. Climbing steep slopes. Activities that Sao Miguel affords to those who want sporting holidays. Complemented by the opportunity to take reinvigorating walks in verdant and flower-covered areas, breathing pure air, discovering the many hues of blue of the sea and sky and the green of a landscape that is always attractive, charming and refreshing.

The thrill of discovering new horizons and panoramas. The pleasure of having direct contact with Nature, breathing bracing air filled with the scent of flowers. We suggest for walks that will enable you to discover the most intimate charms of São Miguel.

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