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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Sea and Fishing - Sao Miguel - Sporting Holidays

The indented coast of the island and the wealth and variety of fish make São Miguel a paradise for those who are keen on rock fishing.
The main species caught are barracuda, red bream, bluefish bream, conger eel, garfish, trigger fish, jack grevalle, mackeral, moray eel and common sea bream. Many fishing grounds are famous, the most interesting being those located at Ponta Deigada, Ponta das Freiras, Ferraria, Mosteiros, Ponta da Bretanha, Porto das Capelas, Poços de São Vicente, Rabo de Peixe, Ponta and Porto da Ribeira do Nordeste, Agua Retorta and Faial da Terra.

The existence of depths of 300 to 800 meters a short distance off the roast (2 to 3 km) makes it possible, with the use of a boat, to fish for barracuda, oceanic bonito, bluefish bream, dolphin, amberjack and several species of tuna.
Of course it is the large and combative sword fish, oceanic bream, pecos, several kinds of tuna and shark, etc. that supply opportunity for thrilling struggles to keen sports fishermen Several record catches have already been made. Ponta Delgada has specially equipped boats for this purpose and they cruise as far as the Formigas islets.

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