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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lakes and Streams, Trout and Carp - Sporting Holidays - Sao Miguel

Streams that flow between densely forested ravines. Lakes with transparent water that reflects the verdant banks. The chance to catch combative trout and carp, red gurnards and achigãs. Tempting invitations that São Miguel extends to sports fishermen. Offering them at the same time healthy contact with an exuberant and flowery nature, and hours of quiet and thrills.

The streams of Praia, Alegria, Bispos, Faial da Terra, Guilherme, Machado, Caideirões, Coelhas, Salga, Carneiros, Limos and Grande offer trout that challenge the skill of any fisherman. The lake called Lagoa das Sate Cidades is rich in perch, carp and pike. In Lagoa do Fogo, trout and carp abound, while Lagoa Rasa and São Bras have achigã. In Lagoa das Furnas it is possible to catch trout, perch, carp, red gurnards and sandre.

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